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Inserting the implants

First anaesthetise the animal.

Without injector :

  • Disinfect the area receiving the implant.
  • Make an incision a few mm in width in the skin of the back.
  • Using forceps and working in the cranial direction, detach the skin from the fascia over about 2 cm.
  • Insert the implant into the resulting pocket.
  • Close the incision with a biocompatible staple or a few stitches.

With injector :

  • Disinfect the injection area
  • Pinch and raise the skin on the back to make a fold.
  • Insert the needle at the base of the fold and push it in about 2 cm towards the neck, keeping it parallel with the animal's back
  • Press on the injector's piston to eject the implant
  • Withdraw the needle carefully, making certain that the implant remains in place

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