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How implants are formed ?

Implants are made up of a polymeric body containing an hormone surrounded by a membrane that regulates release.

How to store implants ?

Implants should be stored between 2-8°C in a dry and dark place.

How implants are sterilized ?

Implants are sterilized with ethylene oxide.

If in doubt, may I sterilize implants with alcohol?

No, implants are designed to be activated upon contact with body fluid. Since hormones are much more soluble in alcohol, the rate of release will be altered.

How to implant ?

Our implants are designed to be implanted subcutaneously. We recommend implanting them back into the animal's neck.

May the same animal receive multiple implants ?

Yes, the total number of implants'll depend on the animal's size.

May the implant be removed during the experimentation ?

Yes, but the implant can't be reused.

May the implant cause skin reaction ?

No, the polymer implant is inert and doesn't cause allergies.

At the end of the experiment, I notice a fibrosis around the implant. Is it normal?

Yes, fibrosis may develop around the implant, but it has no effect on the release of the implant.

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